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Creating jewels and tools 

designed to enhance our connections

 with the Heavens and the Earth

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 Rose Quartz Gemstone Egg Size Large 50 x 35mm

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of "Unconditional Love". It is soothing, gentle, comforting and teaches us that the power of love binds us in oneness and forgiveness frees the soul from torment and pain.

Rose Quartz Yoni Altar Egg

Pyrite Dodechahedron

Pyrite dodecahedrons are naturally occurring crystal formations which are one of five Platonic solids which represent the basic building blocks of all forms, materials, elements etc... Pyrite is iron sulfide, (iron, oxygen and sulfur) all three elements are fundamental to life. The formation of dodechahdrons represents the element ether which is the element of transcendence. The dodechahedron shape is composed of 12 faces each having 5 sides that meet at 108 degree angles and is associated with the crown and higher chakras. All of these phenomena, the angles, and elements which compose this mineral and the element that the shape represents all point to pyrite being a key critical mineral for those of us aligned with and preparing for this age of great transformation and awakening!