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Creating jewels and tools 

designed to enhance our connections

 with the Heavens and the Earth

10​% OFF Everything

Copper Ankh Nose Cuff

Handmade Copper Ankh Nose Ring Cuff no piercing required. This nose ring can fit any nose just bend to the desired size. Made from pure copper. 

Copper is a melanin super conductor and benefits the body's ability to utilize iron, exhibit proper enzymatic function, improves the health of connective tissue, hair and eyes. It is a powerful antimicrobial mineral and has been studied to inhibit the action and growth of various viruses and bacteria. It can regulate heart rhythms, balance thyroid gland and reduce symptoms of arthritis and inflammation. 

Please continue to research the health benefits of copper.

Copper or Brass Ankh Nose Cuff

​Selenite Ankh Copper Ring​

Selenite Copper Ankh Wirewrapped Ring 2 x 1 inch

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE ON RINGS OF EQUAL OR LESSOR VALUE!!! (Nose cuffs and Ankh rings excluded)

AAA+ Labradorite "Stone of Transformation" copper bead ring

AAA+ Labradorite and copper bead ring

6MM Color Changing Mood Ring comes with Color Chart interpretations in English, Spanish, French and Dutch

Mood Ring

LIMITED QUANTITES!!!Herkimer Diamond Bead Ring on Copper

SOLD OUT Herkimer Diamond' "The Attunement Stone" on copper bead ring

Large Herkimer Diamond Bead Ring on Copper

Large Herkimer Diamond' "The Attunement Stone" on Copper bead ring

Large Herkimer Diamond Bead Ring on Sterling Silver

Large Herkimer Diamond' "The Attunement Stone" on Sterling Silver bead ring

Malachite Bead Ring Copper

Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the tmosphere and the body. It clears radiation and electromagnetic pollution, EMF protection, activates the chakras, helps to heal emotional trauma and is the Stone of Unconditional Love! It works best with crystal quartz.

Malachite 8mm round on copper bead ring

Black Mother of Pearl on Copper Bead Ring

Our most popular bead ring is stunningly beautiful, no two are the same. It is protective and inspires us to "see the beauty in all things".

Black Mother of Pearl copper bead ring

Rainbow Hematite Bead Ring Copper

Rainbow Hematite 8mm round on Copper Bead Ring

Palo Santo Aromatic Wood removes negativity and obstacles and attracts good fortune

Palo Santo 8mm round on copper bead ring

Natural Mother of Pearl "Seeing the beauty in All Things" Bead Ring on Copper

Natural hues of white, bronze, pink, rose gold Mother of Pearl on copper bead ring

Tibetan Dzi Agate "Heaven's Stone, Protection" Evil Eye Bead Ring on Copper

Tibetan Dzi Agate Evil Eye on copper bead ring

8MM Round Clear Quartz Bead Ring on Copper

8mm Round Clear Quarzt "Stone of Power and Amplification" on copper bead ring

Amazonite Rondelle Bead Ring on Copper

Amazonite Rondelle on copper bead ring