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Welcome to the Crystal Vault of Infinite Treasures!

For over 25 years, creating tools and jewels that enhance our connections with the Heavens and the Earth! We create one of a kind, original wirewrapped jewels, Ankhs and talismans with techniques that have been channeled from the Heavens. 

Take a look around. Enjoy. Feel free to contact us with your unique creation.tering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.


Buyers are Raving!

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About Us

Emerging out of the cultural mixing pot of America like all things born out of the genius of necessity, Infinite Treasures is a perpetual feat of making a lot out of a little. In the spirit of the Ancient Earth keeper tradition of Khepera Scarab Beetle, we gather what may be seen as waste and repurpose it into various expressions of life.

Like life, our motivation, mission, and compulsion is to achieve variety in every piece created. No two pieces exactly alike which is our way of affirming the importance of originality, which is key to our connection with the CREATOR.

Now in it’s 26th year since conception, the distinct styles and techniques offer durable, original jewels and spiritual tools that stand out in a crowd and change the conversation in a room.


got my ankh today...all I had hoped for and more!

K. Reid

The first Infinite Treasures was 2000 for our wedding. We had pieces made for the entire bridal party. Some 20 years later, every one of my bridesmaids still have their bracelets and necklaces...The craftsmanship is unmatched!

A. McDonald

Looks better on my wrist lol. Fits good also!

T. Wilkins

Both the bracelet and the ring is very beautifully made. I will be wearing every day. I will be ordering something else in the future.

D. Dolphin