Composed of minerals rich in 3 key elements crucial to melanin carbon, copper, and sulfur.

Shungite a super conductive carbon black sphere that is carbon rich and the only natural mineral that is rich in hydrated fullerenes that both absorb and protect against EMF and 5G radiation. 

Pyrite is a sulfur rich naturally occurring dodecahedron crystal which is one of the five platonic solids or one of five primary sacred geometric shapes that are the fundamental building blocks of all forms of matter and energy.

Solid copper wire makes up the outer framing and is the third of the Melanin trinity

Melanin is to humankind as chlorophyll is to the plant kingdom capturing all manner of energy i.e. light, sound, rhythm etc. and transforming them into fuel and information for the body. Melanin is crucial to all five tangible senses as well the many subtle senses i.e. intuition, clairvoyance, meditation, insights etc.

Written by Iylah Davis

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