"The Ankh”, synchronizing the attributes of the gemstones with the “negative green ray” or FREQUENCY emitted from all materials formed into the shape of the ankh. This horizontal “negative green ray "is a spiritual communication channel hence this attractive adornment also doubles as spiritual tuning devices ie prayer, meditation, channeling, reiki, divination etc.

The harmful or detrimental negative green ray emits from the vertical plane which is harmful to humans and emits from electronics and EMF radiation and can cause sickness and dehydration. The ancients knew this and balanced the harmful vertical negative green ray with the beneficial horizontal negative green ray which is linked to connection with divine source and inspiration. Churches, Mosques and Temples were built with the top being a dome shape that was altered by adding a sphere at the top, a rim at the bottom, or by adding a bit more at the bottom so the shape is not just half a sphere.

These alterations do transmute the Vertical component of the Negative Green into the Horizontal component, and powers the building to create a carrier wave connecting the Beings with the higher realms.

Written by Infinite Treasures, LLC

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