Clear Crystal Quartz with Herkimer DIamond Wirewrapped Copper Bracelet

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Clear Crystal Quartz is the master healer stone that amplifies energy, stores energy, enhances clairvoyance and clairaudience bringing a clering of blockages for the entire body and balance to the emotions and body. It repels negativity and does not need to be cleansed. 

Herkimer Quartz Diamond is known as the “attunement stone” It is a naturally double terminated quartz crystal that is harder than most quartz and manifest pure, solid light. They are very powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. The double termination allows for both the transmittal of their own energy and the reception of spiritual energy that can be amplified and focused immensely. They are excellent stones to program for a set intention for individuals, couples or groups. They can be used in clusters to attune to an intention and leaving one at a location while traveling with the other helps connect the energy of the wear(s) with the energy of the group or environment. They can assist in healing geothermic stress, environmental pollution and radiation, They are a powerful stone in the workplace by bringing high achievement, positive attention, and clarity to projects!